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Links We Liked – Muppets 11/30/11

A selection of the best articles on the Muppets, celebrating their big comeback movie.

By Jim Menick

First of all, there was all the hype on the new movie, months of teasers in advance of its release. Then the interwebs at large caught the fever, because everybody was hoping that the movie would be good and some old friends would be back in the spotlight. So for the last couple of weeks there’s been enough Muppetry online to overwhelm even the biggest of fans. We select our favorites:

Jim Henson’s 1969 Guide to How to Make a Muppet
Might as well start at the beginning, with Jim Henson talking about puppets and how to make them.

Before the Muppets: 10 Surreal and Experimental Works by Jim Henson
There was more to Henson than just Muppets, or for that matter, just puppets.

The Muppets’ greatest hits
Think Muppets, and you’re also going to think music. Here’s a selection of their best.

The Many Worlds of Jim Henson
Even in the heyday of the Muppets, Henson and his team had plenty of other things on their mind.

And if you just want to watch some pure old-fashioned Muppets, here’s a couple of interesting ones: 6 Science Fiction Icons Who Hung Out with the Muppets, including “Pigs in Space” meets Luke Skywalker, and The Muppets… And Walt Disney World!, a program aired before the Muppets inked their deal with Disney.

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