Digest Diet: Jean-Claude’s Weight-Loss Success Story

Jean-Claude tried countless diet plans to lose the pounds, but none were as reliable and manageable as the Digest Diet to help him get healthy and fit again.

Jean-Claude Before and After the Digest DietErin Patrice O'Brien

Meet: Jean-Claude Simard • His weight before Digest Diet: 220 pounds • His weight after: 207 pounds • Total lost: 13 pounds! • Inches lost: 9 inches lost • Health gains: 7.6% body fat lost • Also: “I wake up more alert than usual. I’m at a good level of optimism in my life now.” He’s also learned some great new recipes. “The salmon with the balsamic reduction was phenomenal. Mexican chicken with peppers was to die for. I’m going to make that again. The Digest Diet Vinaigrette was amazing. I’m going to use that forever.”

Jean-Claude, 60 is father to Eric, 25 and Jacqueline, 27. As a telecommunications manager for a bank, fad diets and crazy trends don’t fit into his schedule so he turned to the Digest Diet to lose weight fast in a safe and manageable way that would realistically fit into his lifestyle.

Why he did the Digest Diet: “Mostly for health reasons: I have constant back pain and sciatica issues, and I am sure the extra weight isn’t helping. I would love to find a reasonable program to rid myself of 20 to 30 pounds.”

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