Digest Diet: Debbie’s Weight-Loss Success Story

Debbie was juggling a busy life, but found that The Digest Diet fit it and still helped her lose weight quicker than she ever thought possible.

Debbie Before and After the Digest DietErin Patrice O'Brien

Meet: Debbie Duren • Her weight before Digest Diet: 211 pounds • Her weight after: 203 pounds • Total lost: 8 pounds! • Inches lost: 4.5 inches • Health gains: 1.8% body fat lost • Also: “I know I can do this for me. And I’m able to do more without getting tired. I actually really liked the shakes. There were four of us at work doing the diet, and we were always goofing on each other, keeping each others’ spirits up. I had support all around.”

Debbie Duren, 50 is an art director and mother to James, 8. The Reader’s Digest Diet helped her balance her busy life and lose weight quicker than she ever thought possible!

Why she did the Digest Diet: “I’m a working mother and am very active in community volunteering, so my lifestyle is very busy. I have put myself aside for a while now and need to get back to a healthier spot.”

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