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Dog Stories: Dean Koontz’s Five Favorite Canine Books

The famous author and dog lover recommends top inspirational stories to read now.

by Dean Koontz from "The Literarian"
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    • KJ Mansfield

      Unlike Dean Koontz, who’s a brilliant and prolific author, I have managed to write just one book, so far. The Flyball 5: The adventures of 5 abandoned puppies.
      Here’s a brief version of why I decided to write the book.
      On a sultry summer’s day as a three years old, I climbed out of a window when I was supposed to be having an afternoon nap and wandered off to the local train station and on to the tracks.
      Luckily for me, the family dog, a Boxer named Raf, jumped out of the window after me and kept me company, instinctively pushing me away whenever I ventured near any of the electric rails that would have given me a fatal shock if I had touched one of them.
      Raf, who later had 13 puppies in a single litter, undoubtedly saved my life that day.
      The books Dean discusses in his article are classics of their kind and the only person ever likely to mention my book in the same context as them is me.
      First and foremost, The Flyball 5 is intended to be an entertaining read but, hopefully, it just might encourage kindness towards dogs too.