The Passion Stage Checklist

Are you in the Passion stage?

By Sarì Harrar and Rita DeMaria | Ph.D. from The 7 Stages of Marriage

You may be in the Passion stage if:


  • 1.


    You see yourselves as newlyweds

  • 2.

    Deep Love

    You feel madly in love

  • 3.


    You crave your partner when you’re apart, and when you’re together, you live in your own private romantic world

  • 4.


    Your relationship is all about passion, excitement, sex, and intimacy

  • 5.


    You have a hard time focusing on things other than your relationship

  • 6.

    New Marriage

    You’ve been married for two years or less (though some couples report the honeymoon phase lasting five years or longer!)

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