The Realization Stage Checklist

Are you in the Realization stage?

By Sarì Harrar and Rita DeMaria | Ph.D. from 7 Stages of Marriage

You may be in the Realization stage if:


  • 1.

    Waning Romance

    The initial romance and passion of your marriage are waning

  • 2.


    You find yourselves negotiating things you never worried about before

  • 3.


    You are frequently explaining things about yourself to your partner

  • 4.

    New Rules

    You spend lots of time establishing rules for how you’ll function as partners

  • 5.


    Your partner suddenly seems less than perfect — you discover he or she has flaws and imperfections just like everybody else

  • 6.


    For the first time, you find your spouse irritating, annoying, even boring

  • 7.

    Self Questioning

    You have asked yourself recently if you made the right choice in a mate

  • 8.

    Newly Weds

    You’ve been married for at least six months (couples may start experiencing the challenges of the Realization stage even sooner, or as long as two years after marrying)