Ask Laskas: How Can I Cut Tension At My Hair Salon?

Help this worried client solve her hairdresser woes.

My hairdresser of 20 years had an accident and hasn’t been able to work. So I’ve been seeing another stylist in the same salon. She’s doing a better job and is less expensive. When my former stylist comes back, how do I tell her I want to stay with my new stylist?

Worried Client

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    • Ladydoc

      To the woman in a quandary about what to say to her former hairdresser: at first, say nothing except that you are so happy to see that she has recovered from her accident. She must realize that you made other arrangements while she was away. If she invites you back, wo-man up! Tell her that it’s nothing personal, but you made a change, and change is good. And don’t feel guilty! It’s Your hair and your decision . Stick to it.

    • Brynnlucy63

       20 years is indeed a long time with your former hairdresser and I understand your concern. Perhaps you can explain this to both stylists in hopes they can discuss what your new stylist is doing different and give your former stylist a chance to give you the same results. I think being honest about this will help alleviate any discomfort in future visits for you and you will still get the great results that you, as a paying customer, deserve. Heads Up!

    • Deb Group

      As a hairdresser for over 30 years, I would not be offended as long as my client was satisfied. I am trying to find a way to semi -retire, so if my clients can find someone new to do their hair, and its still in my salon, I would have no problem with it. Just don’t stop going there, still remain friendly and I’m sure your hairdresser will understand…maybe  even be a little relieved that you are still coming there!

    • Bdszabo

      This is a customer service profession (she is doing a better job & is less expensive). Unless she is a friend you socialize with outside the salon, don’t speak until your spoken to. Continue to set your appointments with this new current hair dresser. Should the old stylist approach & inquire, simply state that that your sorry, but this new dresser has a better understanding as what you are trying to achieve. If she is willing to ‘listen’ harder & negotiate her price, give her another chance. You can always return to the newer stylist. 

    • yorkielover700

      When you see your past hair dresser again, give her a simple card welcoming her back or just say it in person. If she bothers to ask why your not seeing her, explain that your decision was completely business based and nothing personal. If your old stylist takes offense to your excuse, make an effort to stay away to keep from any misunderstandings and further anger. Ask your current stylist to schedule you in for a day when your past stylist isn’t working. She’ll understand.

    • Jim Ruth

      We had a vote; my wallet and head voted for the new lady.   I voted for you…You lost 2-1. 

    • Diorocks

      Be honest with your hairdresser, let her know you are happier with the price and results of the one you have been using in her absence.  Remember, you are paying for a service.  Would you stay with a car mechanic who you found had been overcharging you for poor service just because you’ve been loyal to them for 20 years?

    • Delabrams

      I have been a hairstylist for many years and know that even though it might sting a little you can ease your former stylist’s feelings by writing her a short note before she is due back at work. Tell her that you appreciate the relationship you have had with her and hope she will understand that you have gotten used to the way this hairdresser works and will continue seeing her/him in the future, but will also recommend her to your friends.