Ask Laskas: “How do I get my coworker to stop humming while he works?”

Advise this distracted employee on how to get some peace and quiet at the office.

My coworker, who sits in the cubicle right next to mine, hums all day long! It is a constant, off-key droning that drives me insane. How do I 
ask him to stop without hurting his feelings? —Distracted Employee


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  • Your Comments

    • Cliff Harald

      I work with a guy that hums and whistles all the time. He’s also extremely “active” when he works, he keeps moving his chair back and forth and keeps “jumping” in his seat all the time. It’s like he’s hyperactive or something. Kind of annoying.

    • Jess McConnell

      Easy. Just pull him aside, and ask him politely.

    • R McClintock

      There are white noise machines that can drown out a lot of noise. I’d try one of those.

    • Nanette

      Your coworker doesn’t have an evil plan to break your concentration! As someone who hums frequently, I can tell you it’s a very subconscious habit. I suffer from tinnitus and the humming helps cover the buzzing when I’m concentrating on something. Have some compassion and try gentle humor: “Hey, can you change the radio to a news station?” or “Hey, do you take requests? I haven’t heard (name of song) in ages!”

    • Carla

      Just gently tell him “You may not realize you hum quite often. It’s distracting, and I’d love it if you would stop. Oh, and feel free to let me know if I distract you in any way.” Then smile.