Ask Laskas: “Is it wrong to not hang up photos from family and friends?”

To display or not to display: help this reader figure out what to do with all those pictures that are piling up.

When loved ones send me photos in the mail, am I obligated to put the photos in frames and display them? I don’t want to hurt the feelings of my family and friends by not hanging up each photo they shared with me. What should I do?
—Too Many Photos


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  • Your Comments

    • Rosie in Colorado

      I have been putting pix I receive at Christmas into an album for the past 30 years. It’s nice to look back each year when I put the new photos away. As for unsolicited photos that i receive, I often display them on my bulletin board near my desk and after a while I decide if I wish to keep them I put them in an album or else discard. One could also scan them to your computer and create a file for just that purpose.

    • MarleneL

      I would suggest buying a nice album for these photos. Then, when your friends or loved ones visit, be sure to prominently display the album on the coffee table or other location where it is sure to be seen. Problem solved!

    • Edda Anderson

      Lots of stores offer convenient and creative ways to hang up photos in your house, like a decorative cork board or slot holder. The front door and fireplace mantle are often popular places for things like this. To be fair, you can rotate photos from loved ones and friends much easier than hassling with individual frames.


      I myself collect photos and my family sends me their own too. But I dont frame any of them unless the picture has everybody or it is a really nice one. But what I do for the ones that I do not frame, I place them in a nice box. When they come over, we take out the box and look at them, that way they see that I have the photos and they know I appreciate them

    • ixstitch

      It would be a wonderful idea to make a scrapbook for each person whose photos you receive. You can keep all the photos, letters and cards that they send you and in years to come, you can share the scrapbook with them. This let’s them know they were each cared for – whether there was room on your wall to put a picture or not. It also helps serve a memory jogger for them as they grow.

    • Georg von Tiesenhausen

      In this day of technology, you might upload the photos into a digital picture frame. If you can, ask your family/friends to send them digitally through e-mail If you receive hard copies, scan them into your computer and upload them that way.

    • G. Carrington – Dallas

      We have 11 grandchildren and love pictures, but no space for them all. We solved this by buying a digital “picture frame” which displays photos randomly. They come in a variety of sizes and prices. A computer with scanning capability is all that is additionally required.

    • Deborah

      I have 2 suggestions…Either get a “cork board” and place pictures on it with thumbtacks, and as you get new pictures, replace that person’s picture with the updated one you just received. Or If you want to use pictures frames, replace the picture in the frame with the new one…if you want to keep the old ones, go ahead, but if not, toss them. You’ll enjoy seeing up to date pictures of your loved ones:) I personally have a multi-opening picture frame for my nieces and nephews. I have 1 newborn picture, 1 recent picture, and 1 recent family picture in it. I replace the recent pictures whenever I get a new one for them:)..Just let your family know what size pictures you prefer:)

      • Lou, Colorado

        That is what I have done for years. Cork board in the office. Although I’ve had people in my office and they’ve commented how nice it was to see their pictures displayed, not once have I had someone notice that I wasn’t displaying their photos. Once it gets crowded, I toss and then there is room for the new ones.

    • Faye Hill

      I send photos out in Christmas cards every year. I do not expect people to display them unless they want to. If I give a photo to friends or family that is special, then I put it in frame. These photos are small, 4 X 6, and can be easily displayed anywhere.

    • Guest

      Regarding the question about photos: It’s your house, decorate as you wish. Do you have a computer? I scanned my photos and have them come up on my computer screen saver. I enjoy viewing the pictures more than having them on the wall.