Best Customer Service

Belly up to the bar and have your computer fixed.

from Reader's Digest Magazine | May 2005

What a radical concept: friendly and free in-store service for existing customers! At a time when most computer companies are transferring consumer calls overseas, Apple is again bucking convention. “Genius Bars,” installed in its 324 Apple Stores worldwide, are long, sleek counters where company tech-tenders dispense free advice to customers who have computer woes. Ron Johnson, the Apple executive who coined the term Genius Bar, says he was thinking of the company’s earlier ad campaign featuring famous innovators and the intimate atmosphere of his neighborhood pub. Show up at a Genius Bar with your Apple computer (best to beat the crowd by making an appointment online) and receive a one-on-one consultation. Plus, there is “The Studio,” where in-store creative pros train customers and help to maximize the fun features on their Mac, iPod, iPad, and other Apple products.

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