Dumb Human Behavior to Avoid

Nothing bucks up our spirits more than knowing there are people dumber than we are. Except maybe knowing there are lots of them.

from Reader's Digest Magazine | June/July 2011

And Here’s the Kicker

On her way home from having dinner and drinks, Melanie Shaker of Chicago got angry with her husband and tried to kick him. Instead, she crashed through the window of a beauty salon, suffering several deep cuts. So naturally she sued the salon. Part of her argument: The store’s plate glass window, which fronts a sidewalk “frequently traveled by intoxicated pedestrians,” should have been stronger. Source: wbbm780.com (Chicago)

And to Prove the Point …

An Australian man was ordered to pony up $500 in court costs after he lost his lawsuit against his ex-wife. He’d taken her to court hoping the judge would order her to remove this bumper sticker from her car: “Men are idiots. I divorced the king!” Source: news.com.au

Numbers Gamed

A Fort Lee, New Jersey, woman is
suing WABC-TV in New York for broadcasting the wrong winning lottery numbers. Rakel Daniele experienced the thrill of victory when the station called out her numbers, only to feel the agony of defeat days later when she learned the TV station was mistaken. Broadcasting the wrong numbers, she claimed in her suit, went “beyond all possible bounds of decency” and was “utterly intolerable in a civilized community.” Source: northjersey.com

Victory Is Not in the Bag

After arresting Craig Clark Show on charges of drunken driving, Idaho state troopers opened a medicine bag he had with him. Show considered suing the state police and county sheriff’s office, claiming that a medicine woman had blessed the bag, and by opening it, cops destroyed its mystical powers—but in the end, he thought better of it. Source: Bonner County (Idaho) Daily Bee

Hold the Cactus!

A Miami diner ordered the grilled artichoke special from the restaurant’s menu and ended up in the hospital with stomach pains. He’s now suing the restaurant, Houston’s, for not warning him that he shouldn’t eat the artichoke’s tough, pointy leaves. Source: foodanddrinkdigital.com


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