Dumb Human Behavior to Avoid

Nothing bucks up our spirits more than knowing there are people dumber than we are. Except maybe knowing there are lots of them.

from Reader's Digest Magazine | June/July 2011

In Dios We Trust

Two counterfeiters were arrested with fake $100 bills. The clue that gave them away: the Spanish words Billete De La Suerte Alasitas—or roughly translated “Lucky Money”—printed on the front.
Source: guyism.com

This Is Your Brain on Drugs

A 21-year-old man
called the police after suspecting he’d just been ripped off. The marijuana he had purchased from a street dealer, he told cops, tasted “nasty,” and he wanted them to confirm that the weed was real. Luckily for him, it wasn’t.
Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Make Yourself at Home

After a man kicked in the front door of a Texas home at 3:30 a.m., the resident fled and called police. When cops arrived, they were surprised to find that the intruder hadn’t stolen a thing. Even more surprising: They found him in the bathroom, enjoying a warm bath.
Source: Associated Press

Beware of Human

As a burglar tried to enter the home of a Georgia woman, she took matters into her own hands. Getting on all fours, she barked and scratched feverishly at the door. The thief was last seen running from the porch.
Source: Athens (Georgia) Banner-Herald

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