Fabulous Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Let’s face it, your dad does not want another tie. And he’d prefer to pick out his own aftershave. So get a little creative this year and buy your dad something he might actually use.

By Reader's Digest Editors

Let’s face it, your dad does not want another tie. And he’d prefer to pick out his own aftershave. So get a little creative this year and buy your dad something he might actually use. Here are a few ideas:

For the lazy dad: Laceless boat shoes

If your dad just can’t be bothered to tie his shoes and is always tripping over his laces, these suede Sperry slip-ons are for him. They come in bright summer colors and are as comfortable as slippers—but can be worn outside.

For the germ-freak dad: Violight UV Razor Sanitizer

Razor blades can harbor germs and bacteria that can wreak havoc with your dad’s skin. Set his mind at ease with the Violight UV Razor sanitizer, which uses germicidal UV bulbs to disinfect his razor in mere minutes. It fits most razors, including Gillette and Schick, and requires two AA batteries.

For the literary dad: Notable Novelists

If your dad’s a book lover, Notable Novelists is a fun, low-cost gift idea. From James Baldwin to E.M. Forster, this card game celebrates the most important writers of the 20th century. The object: To collect the most literary sets of cards about authors and their works. Perfect for long car trips or lazy Sundays.

For the hippie dad: Woodstock — Director’s Cut

Warner Home Video just came out with a box set of Michael Wadleigh’s epic, 228-minute documentary on the most famous rock concert of all time. Now your dad can relive three days of peace and music, without the discomfort of all that rain and mud.

For computer whiz dad: Tyvek Wallet – Dot Matrix

Black leather wallets are boring. Besides, a computer geek dad will love this wallet made from Tyvek material (high-density polyethylene fibers) that resembles a computer printout from a dot matrix printer. It measures 8 x 3 x 0.12 inches when open.

For secret agent dads: Spy pen

There are few men who don’t enjoy a secret James Bond fantasy life. This video and audio recording pen is just the kind of thing to keep your dad dreaming of new missions. It can also be used as a 2gb USB stick for top-secret spreadsheets.

For unique yet fashionable dads: Custom polo shirt

Forget Izod or Polo shirts. Your dad doesn’t want to be generic. Get him some personalized shirts with his own special logos. You can submit your own text and artwork.

For lawn-loving dads: Grassy Lawn Charging Station

This gift is for the dad whose electronic devices take up all the outlets in the living room. A compartment underneath the artificial grass will hide all of his power cords and allow him to keep all of his chargeables in one place.

For DIY dads: The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun

If your dad likes to build things with his bare hands and explore the great outdoors, this is the book for him. The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun features tips on how to build robots from scratch, assemble blowguns, and even rig up a zip line. It also has over 25 other projects for parents and children to work on together.

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    • Greenisgood

      Dad will love growing a pet TickleMe Plant …google it