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smart babies, abacus
8 Brilliant Ways Babies Are Smarter Than You Think

Chubby, cherubic, and drooly, sure. But babies are much more than lovable lumps, according to… >>

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Urgent: How To Properly Dispense Tic Tacs

I can't believe it. After all these years of enjoying Tic Tacs, I was shocked to find out that I… >>

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10 Fun Lunch Box Notes

Pack a smile along with your child's lunch with these easy, creative note ideas. >>

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Don’t Be Scammed: 5 Ways to Safeguard Your Accounts

Keep these five critical pieces of information sacred. >>

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“The Parenting Moments I’ll Never Forget”

From baby's first laugh to the joy of high school band concerts, here are some of the simple… >>

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13 Things Your Mother-in-Law Won’t Tell You

Build a better relationship with his mother by remembering these things she'd like to say but won't… >>

More Efforts to Help Veterans at Work

A new effort from TiVo, the media company famous for pioneering DVR, is looking to help war… >>

love unleashed
Love Unleashed: Our Favorite Dog Stories

From Tim Tebow, Dean Koontz, and more: inspirational stories to make any pet lover weak in the… >>

love unleashed, Dean Koontz and dog Trixie
Dog Stories: Dean Koontz’s Five Favorite Canine Books

The famous author and dog lover recommends top inspirational stories to read now. >>

love unleashed, Roma
Dog Stories: Roma on Her Adored Master, Steve Madden

A dearly departed doggy shares an inspirational story with the guy who played fetch all those years. >>

What Does Your Dog Breed Say About Your Personality?
What Does Your Dog Breed Say About Your Personality?

We all love those pictures of people who look like their pets, but I’m also kind of obsessed with… >>

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Dog Stories: Tim Tebow on Otis, His Comeback Dog

We know him for football and his faith, but long before he was famous on the field, Tebow showed… >>

Quotable Quotes,  Helen Gurley Brown Edition
Quotable Quotes, Helen Gurley Brown Edition

When I walked into my first magazine internship at Cosmopolitan as a senior in college, I remember… >>

10 Sexy Beach Vacations of the Rich and Famous
10 Sexy Beach Vacations of the Rich and Famous

Pack your bathing suit, your most potent sunscreen, and little else if you're headed to one of… >>

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13+ Things Your Kid’s Principal Won’t Tell You

Straight from the principal's office: Use these tips for a better school year. >>

How to Bring Paris to Your Picnic
How to Bring Paris to Your Picnic

After reading about Wendy Weston's growing "European Style" picnic business, I decided I had had… >>

The Desert Island Game: What's the Best Music?
The Desert Island Game: What’s the Best Music?

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one album, what would you pick? Here's… >>

How to Eat Well for Less
How to Eat Well for Less

Buy the best when it makes a difference, and fill the rest of your grocery cart with values. >>

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Make the Best Care Package Ever: 11 Awesome Ideas

Send someone special a little love-in-a-box with these fun and practical ideas. >>

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
Stuck on a Desert Island with the Best Books Ever

Our staffers played the "desert island" game and came up with our single-favorite great books that… >>