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10 Outrageous Markups You'd Never Guess You Were Paying
10 Outrageous Markups You’d Never Guess You Were Paying

Sticker shocker: You might not think much about how products are priced, but we did the math to… >>

Want to Stay Married? So Do I!
Want to Stay Married? So Do I!

When one makes a commitment, it’s usually a good idea to keep it. And it helps to brush up on a… >>

8 Ways to Rack Up Air Travel Miles
8 Ways to Rack Up Air Travel Miles

Visit your airline's website to convert everyday purchases and online shopping into flight miles… >>

American Trivia: Great State Nicknames
American Trivia: Great State Nicknames

Think you can tell the Beehive State from the Volunteer State? Quiz yourself and see. >>

Wanted: Chance to Go Ape
Wanted: Chance to Go Ape

For a city girl whose idea of a hardcore outdoor trip is navigating a steep lawn without… >>

99 Ways to Tell a Story
99 Ways to Tell a Story

Aside from my job at Reader's Digest, I'm taking a class in Narrative Theory and Screenwriting. One… >>

money savers to avoid saving money
7 Money Saving Tips That Actually Don’t Pay

Beware these common money missteps: It's easy to fall into the trap of saving only to have it cost… >>

Does Gender Have a Color?
Does Gender Have a Color?

We outline the checkered history of pink and blue for boys and girls. >>

America Quiz California
American Quiz: Highest, Lowest, Oldest, and Largest

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of trivia: Test yourself as we spotlight nine notable locations… >>

Staff Cars Dean Abatemarco
Unforgettable Car Stories: Staff Picks

Our editors reflect on the rides that meant the most to them, from their first set of wheels in… >>

Devoted Dads: We Salute You!
Devoted Dads: We Salute You!

Here's to all the great dads out there. Frank McKinney in Delray Beach, Florida, walked his… >>

Dad's Advice: Food with Family
Dad’s Advice: Food with Family

Of the many articles that pay homage to dads of the world, I particularly enjoyed this recent… >>

Adam Sandler
Tweeter’s Digest: Celeb Dads’ Quotes #fathersday

Found poetry: Parenting advice and funny quotes from famous dads turn into great tweets, fit for… >>

10 Wild Parties Around the World

The biggest party on the planet is waiting for you: You're invited to join in a city-wide food… >>

Record Recommends
Odd Last Request: “Turn Me Into Music”

We already know about some creative uses for ashes postmortem—crush them into a diamond or… >>

TV salesman secrets, TV options
13+ Things Your TV Salesman Won’t Tell You

Crank up the volume: Learn retail secrets for selling big screens in this TV buying guide. >>

Summer Spectacular: Outdoor Art
Summer Spectacular: Outdoor Art

Renowned urban planner (and one of my personal heroes) Jane Jacobs once wrote, "Cities have the… >>

Flip Phone Recommends
One Guy’s Opinion: Ode to a “Dumb” Phone

I'll admit it: my morning routine involves scrolling through what I missed overnight on Twitter… >>

weatherman secrets, forecast
13 Things Your TV Weatherman Won’t Tell You

Here's a prediction: You'll get more accurate insight from your five-day forecast with these… >>

Ask Laskas:
Ask Laskas: “Should I let my daughter rock a Metallica shirt?”

Help this mother daughter duo settle their argument over whether or not it's fair for a teenager to… >>