Advice for Parents of College-Bound Kids

Tips for coping with the application process.


This time of year can be particularly daunting for parents of high-school juniors and seniors diving headlong into the college application process. That’s especially true now that the admissions game has gotten so competitive. The simple fact is—given what a premium everyone places on a college degree these days—there are no guarantees when it comes to gaining entry to any college these days. What may have been considered safe schools once upon time no longer are—and the schools that were always hard to get into have only gotten harder.

How should a parent cope with such a challenge? More and more are seeking help behind the high school guidance office when it comes to the application process. One new fee-based website entering this market is, co-founded by Katherine Cohen. Here are a few tips from her for navigating these rocky shoals.

Tip for parents from Dr. Katherine Cohen:


  • Nag! Your child may miss deadlines to rebel against you.
  • Say “We.”  “We’re” not taking the SAT.  Your child is!
  • Force your college choices on your child.
  • Freak out over a low grade, test score, deferral or rejection.
  • Write your child’s application essays.


  • Let your child explore colleges freely.
  • Ask candid questions about how he/she envisions college life.
  • Encourage a variety of choices.
  • Laugh during times of stress.
  • Make sure your son or daughter is also enjoying life.