Should a Sperm Donor Share Custody?

She never would have agreed to let him be the donor if she had known he was going to expect to be active in parenting. Had he known she didn’t want him involved, he never would have done it. Who won the case? You be the judge.

By Vicki Glembokci
Also in Reader's Digest Magazine April 2010

Dad looking at baby


The Verdict:

Ten months later, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled four to two: The statute is constitutional, a landmark opinion, since it was the first time any court had ruled on that statute. Still, Hendrix kept pushing, filing a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court in March 2008. The Court decided not to hear the appeal. In the end, the Kansas Supreme Court ruling stands. Harrington, as she maintains was her intention all along, is a single parent of twins who turn five this May. Hendrix has only one consolation. Someday, he says, when the twins search the Internet for information about their birth father, “they’ll find the documents and know that I fought and fought for them.”

You be the judge!

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