The Joy of Homemade Pop Tarts

The Joy of Homemade Pop TartsCourtesy Clarkson PotterThe Homemade Pantry

Alana Chernila knows what it’s like to try and get dinner on the table for her family, day in and day out. She was strapped for time—but also for money, meaning many pricey convenience items would put a dent in her grocery budget.

Plus, she wanted to give her family healthy, satisfying real food. So she started making things she used to buy, from granola bars to jam, butter, and cheese. Her delicious (and much easier than you’d think!) results are collected in her new book, The Homemade Pantry (Clarkson Potter).

Here, she describes her toaster-pastry epiphany:
“I was never allowed to eat those sweet treats as a child, but I certainly dreamed about them. These homemade versions ended up better than the few boxed ones that I eventually got my hands on. Mine were flaky and warm like the best pie for breakfast. Even more, pulling them out of the oven for the girls did the trick. Something that lovely in the morning can only taste like an apology—for every moment I was working, and not with my girls. And with an extra sifting of powdered sugar, the girls cheered, and I went a little easier on myself.”

Get Alana’s recipe for Homemade Toaster Pastries here >>

“Reprinted from the book The Homemade Pantry by Alana Chernila. Copyright © 2012 by Alana Chernila. Photographs copyright © 2012 by Jennifer May. Published by Clarkson Potter, a division of Random House, Inc.”

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    • Jerry

      I have been “cooking from scratch” since the mid-seventies when I decided to go whole grain; and as natural and as organic as possible. When my children came in the mid-90′s, they were raised on my cooking style. It’s cheaper in the long run, better for you, and you can include everyone in on the process. I can my own tomatoes, peaches; fresh freeze many other veggies as they come on during the summer. It’s fun and the whole family gets involved. Back in the 70′s, the only place you could get whole grains & organically grown legumes and produce were in natural food co-ops and “health food” stores. People thought I was nuts back then, but they have their opinion.