Best Big Dog

Meet Giant George, a truly great Great Dane.

from Reader's Digest Magazine | June 2010

Age: 5

Breed: Great Dane

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona

Claim to fame: Holds Guinness world records for Tallest Dog Living and Tallest Dog Ever

Height: 43 inches from paw to shoulder

Length: 7 feet 3 inches from nose to tail

Weight: 245 pounds

As a puppy: “He looked so cute in his crate,” says owner Dave Nasser.

Now: “He kind of looks like a pony when he’s running.”

What he eats: 110 pounds of dry food a month, from a dish elevated 20 inches off the ground

Where he sleeps: On a queen-size mattress made for humans

Transportation: Rides around the neighborhood in a golf cart with Nasser. “Sometimes it’s hard to get him out.”

Favorite game: Tug-of-war (guess who always wins)

Social networking: With more than 73,000 fans, George may be the most popular dog on Facebook.


Visit Giant George’s Facebook page.

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