Dog People vs. Cat People: The Surprising Differences

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(l): © Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Thinkstock (r): © Pixland/Thinkstock recently polled more than 200,000 pet owners to find out if they were dog people or cat people. The site then crossed those responses with lifestyle surveys and arrived at the following conclusions. Anything sound familiar?

Dog people:
15% more likely to be extroverts
Cat people: 11% more likely to be introverts

(l): © Jupiterimages/ (r): © Dynamic Graphics/Creatas/Thinkstock
Dog people: 36% more likely to use a pop song as a ringtone
Cat people: 14% more likely to cling to friends at a party

© iStockphoto/Thinkstock
Dog people: 67% more likely to call animal control if they happen upon stray kittens
Cat people: 21% more likely to try to rescue stray kittens

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(l): © Thomas Northcut/Lifesize/Thinkstock (r): © iStockphoto/Thinkstock
Dog people: 11% more likely to say they'd support cloning, but only for animals or pets
Cat people: 17% more likely to have completed a graduate degree

Dog people: 18% more likely to consider Paul McCartney their favorite Beatle
Cat people: 25% more likely to consider George Harrison their favorite Beatle

(l): © iStockphoto/Thinkstock (r): © Goodshoot/Thinkstock
Dog people: 9% more likely to think of zoos as happy place
Cat people: 10% more likely to send messages on Twitter

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(l): © iStockphoto/Thinkstock (r): © Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Thinkstock
Dog people: 30% more likely to enjoy slapstick humor and impressions
Cat people: 21% more likely to enjoy ironic humor and puns

© iStockphoto/Thinkstock
Both dog and cat people:
- Talk to animals of all kinds
- Are equally likely to have a four-year degree
- Dislike animal-print clothing

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102 thoughts on “Dog People vs. Cat People: The Surprising Differences

  1. They should have checked the IQ’s of dog people versus cat people. I think there would be a very clear difference.

  2. A dog has never drank the last beer in the fridge, borrowed money & then forgot to pay it back or sent me annoying chain-letter emails. I can’t say the same thing for human beings.

  3. I very much a cat person not only as I love to take several vacations a year. but also a B type personality so annoyed at the hyper behavior that dogs tend to have and lastly cat go indoors while dogs go out and some it raining as I can not stand the smell of a wet dog

  4. What are you if you have BOTH dogs AND cats! — never mind — just read the last statement on picture #9

  5. If humans had a wagging tail, we could tell who is happy too..

  6. Gosh, quite the scientific methodology there: “The site then crossed those responses with lifestyle surveys and arrived at the following conclusions.”

    Why do I think the author used a latex glove on himself to produce those statistics?

  7. LOL. Biggest load of rubbish I have read in a lonnnnng time. Thank you for the biased statistics, this was worth the read just for a laugh. Rookies.

  8. Some of the compares don’t make sense. comparing a ring tone to hanging with friends? why not compare the types of ring tones…

  9. What are you considered, when you have both? I have found that my cats are easier to take care of, than my dogs.

    1. If you find that your cats are easy to take care of, that just means they trained you well. Cleaning a cat box once disqualifies cat care from ever being easy forever. Not one of the things I was put on Earth to do.

  10. I have had cats and loved them. They are the perfect pet when you work. Now since we are older we have two dogs and we are crazy about the one we got as a free puppy. The other we got at Pet Smart for $10.00 and she has helped to calm down our other dog who was chewing up our shoes and remote controls when we left her. Now she has a buddy and they are fine alone.

  11. What about those people that love both cats and dogs and have both?

    Dog and cat people share one thing in common. They usually love animals and care for their well-being. So I’m going to be honest here, if you call animal control to pick up stray animals, even cute, healthy young ones, there’s a good chance they’ll be euthanized because there are too many animals and not enough resources. There are government run-shelters, the humane society, established no-kill shelters and thousands of independent animal rescuers and it’s not enough to prevent millions of healthy animals being euthanized every year. With stray or feral cats, you can consider the humane alternative, trap, neuter and return. For any stray or feral animal PLEASE only call animal control as a last resort.

    1. Sure, who’s going to remove the feral cats from the traps? Great way to get bitten and maybe even get rabies.

      1. The vet anesthetizes them while they are in the cage and takes them out when they’re asleep. The next day we release them by opening the trap door and they run out. Rabies is not as common as you think. I live in a big city and there hasn’t been a case in the past 80 years.

  12. Review the statistics: Dog people are 15% more likely to be extroverts, or 85% more likely to be introverts. Cat people are 11% more likely to be introverts, or 89% more likely to be extroverts. Is there a point in the article?

    1. I think you misunderstand. Another casualty of stray bullet points ricocheting around the internet.

  13. OK, I am by any stretch of the imagination a dog person. And not one, not even one of those stats about dog persons, is true of me.

    1. Are you by chance the guy in the beer commercials – the Most Interesting Guy in the World? I mean, seriously, you’re not like a random Internet survey??? It boggles the mind. To go through life so…so…different. Must be nice.

  14. Well that was three minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Thanks Reader’s Digest.

  15. I truly have “animal farm”….a dog, 2 cats, a chicken , 2 horses,….and they all get along and don’t harass each other…sometimes its funny as all hell.

    1. Animals are people and people are animals. LOL. I have six horses, two dogs and a cat.

  16. yes true,im a cat person.people thing im extrovert but actually im introvert cause i have lots of secrets in my heart.

  17. I have 3 dogs and 7 cats. I have so many cats because I did rescue kittens.

  18. Animals help people fill voids in their lives. If I could I would get a dog, but I travel a lot.

    1. No. Social skills, working hard and adopting a positive attitude helps people fill voids in their lives. Animals are a responsibility and can be a financial burden. However, they can be great companions – after you’ve fulfilled your other needs and find you still have time and money to spend on an animal.

  19. I like both, and grew up with both. While I like the dogs that I meet, I am definitely a cat person.

  20. Dog people: 67% more likely to call animal control if they happen upon stray kittens
    Cat people: 21% more likely to try to rescue stray kittens

    So does this mean that dog people are 33% more likely to rescue the stray kittens, and the cat people are 79% more likely to call animal control? Because either way, Dog People certainly come out on top in this story. I have a dog, I prefer dogs, but I don’t hate cats. I believe you’ll find this to be true of most dog owners.

    1. There is something so nice about waking up with vibrant blue eyes staring at you from the kitten sitting next to you. :-) It is very difficult to wake up grumpy this way.

  21. Bull chit, as a Dog Lover and a Man,,,,,,,,,,,,None of the above is true.

  22. I have a dog. His name is Asher. I used to have a Siamese cat. His name was Wooda. When I was in second grade, I pulled Alex Clark’s hair a lot. Alex Clark was a girl in my church. Jeannie Smith and her husband did not have any kids of their own. I was born in 1987. I have an older sister, Elizabeth. Alex Clark is Greyson Clark’s older sister. I am Elizabeth Haskell’s younger sister. Cassie Toe is Sylvester Toe Jr.’s older sister. Cassie Toe was a girl in my dad’s church. Cassie Toe is an interesting girl. Alex Clark is also an interesting girl. Jeannie Smith was an interesting woman. Jeannie Smith had an older sister, Sharon.

  23. I started reading this article thinking it would be really stupid.  But there’s some interesting insights buried in that data.  I’m a cat person, and it described me pretty well, actually LOL

  24. If you treat your dog well, feed it, pet  it, train it, loveit, groom it   it thinks you are a KING
    If you treat hyour cat well, feed it, pet it, love it, groom it      it tinks IT is a KING

  25. I am primarily a cat person, although I have two chocolate labrador step dogs and I love them dearly. I love all animals, especially puppies and kittens. I can be both introvert and extrovert at times.

  26. Well, I have both cats and dogs as pets so where does that put me?  Also two birds.

  27. Cats rule. They may not be as loyal, but at least they are not in your face and mind their business. If they go outside, you don’t have to pick up their crap. Depends on what you like. I am ok with occasional 50 dollar fines for letting my Kisa go outside as long as I don’t have to clean out the litter box. 

    1. If they *go* outside, there’s an excellent chance that they’ll be struck by a car and killed.

    1. Generalizarions like this are questionable. This one does not correlate with my life experiences, over 70+ years

    1. Cats are Okay………………over a fire with a little Tabasco & Teriaki ;-)

  28. Slide #6: how are the “zoos are happy places” vs using Twitter correlated? Are the cat people Tweeting, “Stupid dog people! They like the zoo!”? Are these the only two recreational activities dog and cat people think of to do? Everyone else in the world goes to the movies? “Oh, I’m sorry; I can’t go…we have to go to the zoo. We’re dog people.” 

  29. Slide #6: how are the “zoos are happy places” vs using Twitter correlated? Are the cat people Tweeting, “Stupid dog people! They like the zoo!”? Are these the only two recreational activities dog and cat people think of to do? Everyone else in the world goes to the movies? “Oh, I’m sorry; I can’t go…we have to go to the zoo. We’re dog people.” 

  30. I love all animals but my faves are cats, then dogs, and horses. I even cried (just a little) when my daughter’s hamster died and it was mean! LOL

  31. These studies always leave out the animal lovers that love both cats and dogs equally. Let me present my 1st observation. We prefer Lennon as our Beatle. 

  32. I know for a cat person. If you do not like cats like they do that up set them a lot

  33. I know for a cat person. If you do not like cats like they do that up set them a lot

    1. Usually, I find more people are upset with me when I say I don’t like dogs, than me when someone says they don’t like cats.

      1. That is so true! It’s socially acceptable to voice that you hate cats which is very unfortunate. Cats definitely get a bad rap. I like cats and dogs. I have two “rescue” dogs and one “rescue” cat. Dogs are needy but cats or cool!

        1. I have a cat that we found after its mother died in the wild. My family had to bottle feed it and other tasks since it was so young. She just 15 this past year now. While my family has owned both dogs and cats, we just have a much closer bond with our cats because of that connection.

  34. Who the hell put this together. Some of the categories don’t have anything to do with one another. Must have been an intern.

  35. On the favorite Beatle: You can include John Lennon in the league of cat people, and, in turn, a big fan of George Harrison too.

  36. On the favorite Beatle: You can include John Lennon in the league of cat people, and, in turn, a big fan of George Harrison too.

  37. This poll was too general and disconnected, such as dog people like zoos and cat people twitter???? Poll again on same subject, such as dog people like zoos 9% more than cat people like zoos! Polls like this don’t really point out that much difference between the two.  Taking another poll in another region of the country may give you opposite answers. Polls need to be cross sectioned across the entire country of USA! I don’t feel this poll accurately distinguished dog lovers from cat lovers, not really. I did, however, agree with the last finding where both were equal.

  38. I can think of one reason dog people are much more likely to call the pound for stray kittens.  Because the home they would bring them into has a dog in it.  I have housed stray kittens to the shock and dismay of my adult cats but dogs are different.  (No offense meant to the dog.  The reason we have cats is that was the stray we found when my oldest child was three and it’s been cats ever since.)

  39. I guess that I am on the fence, I’m a dog and a cat person.  Dogs are higher maintence than cats but who can resist a cold wet nose or a warm fuzzy purring furball.  I love ’em both.

    1. Me too! I have 2 cats though because I’m not home on a regular schedule and the cats can do their thing in a litter box, where with a dog, I would have to make sure to get home to take him out. My daughter and son-in-law have both (2 dogs and 3 cats), but their schedules are such that one or the other is home at any given time and can take the dogs out.

  40. I ‘m lucky that the shelter in my area is a no-kill shelter and the people there are great and spend all kinds of time with the animals. I’ve gotten three cats there.  Also would like to agree that animal print clothing sucks.

  41. I’m sure someone has said this but what if you are BOTH a CAT AND A DOG person? I guess you are a combo then! I have always had at least one dog or a cat and usually at the same time. Once we had 3 dogs and one cat, now we have one dog and 2 cats. And I will DEFINITELY save a kitten, puppy, cat or dog if they need a home, if they come to my house! We might not be able to keep them but we will find them a home and not take them to the pound. Also, I enjoy both kinds of humor and married a comedian that does both kinds of comedy!

    1. We have 6 cats and 5 dogs.  2 kids.  All were strays, except for the 2 Yorkies that were given to us.  All spayed/neutered, except for the kids….LOL  1 cat and 3 dogs stay inside, while the others are outside, in our fenced backyard, with shelter, and plenty of room to roam.

      1. “We have 6 cats and 5 dogs.  2 kids.  All were strays, except for the 2 Yorkies that were given to us.”
        I had to chuckle when I first read that!  I imagined your kids being strays for just a second. :-)

         We have 2 cats, 1 dog (all adopted) and 3 kids (not adopted.). Both cats stay inside but our youngest tries to bolt out the door any chance she gets, good thing the dog is usually around to keep that from happening since she hates him! We have the fenced in backyard as well but our dog lives indoors. He goes out to potty and run around then he comes back in.

  42. KerryOH just put my mind at ease.  I, too, always remember the pet’s name and forget the human’s!!!  How embarrassing, but true….

    1. That’s because anytime you hang around dog people, you’ll hear the dog’s name 100 times more than the owners… You don’t hear: joey come here (ok, some folks might have named their dog joey)… but you will here: Come fluffy.. good fluffy… fluffy’s a good snack.. (sorry, I digress)…

  43. Both dog and cat people are more likely to remember the name of the pet rather than the name of the individual that owns the pet.

      1. Or call their child by their pet’s name accidentally. I once even told my daughter that she had an appointment to go to the vet instead of her pediatrician!! Oops!

          1. My niece’s nicknamed Poochoo derived by the word ‘cat’ in Malayalam language. We’re crazy cat people X-D

    1. I have a grand-aunt who has a beautiful Husky named Dino… My 3-year old niece calls her Aunt Dino X-D

  44. So true.  Next we need someone think up an MMPI-type questionaire to go a bit deeper into the differences between dog and cat people …

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