Pet Odor 101

Learn the basic techniques of pet odor elimination.

By Nancy Coveney from Reader's Digest | November 2005

Banish Pet OdorComstockCompleteDispersing pet odor can be a challege. Try these tips to keep your home smelling fresh.
We love our cats and dogs, but hate cleaning up after them. Don Aslett, author of the new Pet Clean-Up Made Easy, offers tips to make it simpler, with goods available at many pet stores:

1.  Act fast, before the smell and stain set in. Blot with a thick towel, then use an enzyme digester (try Simple Solution Stain and Odor Remover) to eliminate, not mask, the odor. Skip ammonia-based cleansers, since they smell similar to urine, and pets tend to “mark” the same spot again.

2. Just scoop it up and use a deodorizing cleaner like X-O Plus.

3.  Freshen Up. To keep your home smelling fresh, look for a product containing zeolite, a mineral that absorbs pet odors (Aslett likes Odorzout). It’s safe to use around pets, so sprinkle some on carpeting, in crates, even outdoors.

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