More Things Your Mother-in-Law Won’t Tell You

The dreaded mother-in-law! Your relationship with her can certainly place stress on your marriage. No matter how hard you try to please her, there will surely be some things she doesn't like but never mentions—or so you hope.

By Maureen Mackey from Reader's Digest | May 2009


  • 11.

    Talk to me.

    If you think I can’t give good advice because I don’t have the full picture, well… paint it for me.

  • 12.

    We're from different generations.

    And we’ll probably always see things differently.

  • 13.

    I really want to give my grandkids a gift now and then.

    But you forbid me to do it. That’s painful.

  • 14.

    I want us to be closer.

    The last time I was at your house, you hardly even spoke to me. I can’t understand why.

  • 15.

    What I want most can't be wrapped in a box or bought online.

    I just want to be loved.

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