More Things Your Mother-in-Law Won’t Tell You

The dreaded mother-in-law! Your relationship with her can certainly place stress on your marriage. No matter how hard you try to please her, there will surely be some things she doesn't like but never mentions—or so you hope.

By Maureen Mackey from Reader's Digest | May 2009


  • 21.

    Sometimes I weep.

    I’ll think, How could my child who I loved so much marry someone I don’t understand at all?

  • 22.

    I want you to need me.

    I want to feel valued, respected, and loved.

  • 23.

    I don't always agree with your decisions.

    But I know you have to live your own life.

  • 24.

    I would visit my grandchildren more if I felt closer to you.

  • 25.

    You're bright, thoughtful, and loving.

    I’m lucky we have each other.

  • Sources: Susan Abel Lieberman, PhD (The Mother-in-Law’s Manual), Jane Angelich (What’s a Mother [in-Law] to Do?), and anonymous mothers-in-law in four states.

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