Denzel Washington Interview: Devoted to Family and Faith

For Denzel Washington, it’s not about fame and fortune. It’s about

By David Hochman from Reader's Digest | December 2007

RD: Last DVD you saw?
Washington: One I liked: The Lives of Others. And Munich. But I’m really not a movie buff.

RD: What are you reading?
Washington: Books? I don’t have time. Except for the Bible, the No. 1 bestseller.

RD: What’s on your iPod?
Washington: A buddy—not to name-drop—is Lenny Kravitz. I have all his stuff. All of James Brown, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, everything from blues to gospel to jazz. More than 5,000 songs.

RD: Last great vacation you took?
Washington: The Mediterranean. I love to spend time on the water. We’re at sea probably a month each year. In Italy you sit out in a boat in the bay and look back at these beautiful ancient cities.

RD: Favorite motto?
Washington: Do what you got to do so that you can do what you want to do. And fail big.