Six-Word Memoirs on Friendship

Shorter than tweets and small enough to swallow whole, these six-word memoirs say it all

from Reader's Digest | September 2011

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Shorter than tweets and small enough to swallow whole, these six-word memoirs say it all from contributors to

Vacationed alone. Left with five friends.

Are we really “just friends”? Crap.

Blessed to have friends who listen.

Should have listened to my friends.

All of my friendships were seasonal.

Needed reinforcements. Signaled for super friends.

Still married. Still friends. Twenty years.

Counted 16 friends today. Not worthy.

Sibling rivalry ended. Now we’re friends.

Deserve my friends and my enemies.

I gave up friends for love.

Weathered by pain. Sheltered by friends.

New friends … new lease on life.

Let’s be friends. Famous last words.

Blame taken. Friendship fixed. Coffee together.

Real friends buy matching plaid shirts.

Knew we’d be friends one day.

Best friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

Grateful for proximity to friends, donuts.

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  • Your Comments

    • Infoseeker

      She colors my world with friendship!

    • Pallab Shariff

      friendship is the peace of mind

    • Remie

      my first best friend still my best friend. 

    • Megan

      Student loans: worth the friendships gained.

    • Cando13

      My best true friend is JESUS

    • Carol Merritt

      The foundation of any successful friendship is forgiveness….It will heal any hurt. Everyone gets hurt and we all hurt others…so we are all need to humbly say from deep in our souls …”I am sorry” Jesus said forgive 70 times 7…!! He knew the key to maintaining lasting friendships…!

    • Txskies

      Friends: the original renewable energy source.

    • Johnsp

      Friendship outlasts romance in any marriage.

    • Myrnabbarrera

      Friendship…… in my opinion,  it’s like  two souls connected by pure love. Where  respect,  honesty,  protection, encouragement, compassion, giving, and the celebration for each other’s success, takes place! Unfortunately,  a true frienship, with all of these attributes…..  is most definitely, hard to find!   I have not found one!!  My so call friends….they are all… a  one-way relationship!! Sad to say, but they are Selfish, heartless,  inconsiderate, envious, and worst of all, gosipers.  Unfortunately,  givers always attract “TAKERS” If these types of people( takers)  would make  an effort,  to see God’s image in their fellow friends, then, they would certainly  have the great opportunity, to experience the wonderful feeling of  being a good friend and of course, the non-matching  feeling of  “THE ACT GIVING”      Because the act of giving,  it’s  one of the most  sensational  and  greatest life’s rewards!!

    • Navy Brat

      Reconnected 45 yrs. later; feels good.