Tips and Tricks for Traveling With Your Partner

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Vacations with your significant other can be a fantastic, meaningful adventure that brings you closer together through shared experiences. In fact, a recent Travel-Ticker survey revealed that 94% of respondents enjoy traveling with a significant other. But we all know that hitting the road together can just as easily put a strain on a relationship instead of supporting it. From the stress of planning to the fine lines of budgeting and feelings of constant “togetherness,” it’s no surprise that 38% of survey respondents also said they need tips on how to travel better with their significant other, specifically around planning, budgeting, and splitting costs.

Here are a few tips to make your trip together successful:

Agree upon travel standards ahead of time. 84% of survey respondents agree that the couple must have the same or similar travel personalities. Do you like to hostel-hop or stay only at 5-star hotels? Agree with your partner on what kind of travel accommodations and transportation you are both comfortable with. This will also help to organize the budget of the trip.

Be ready to compromise. Take turns deciding on who chooses each activity—even the little things, like where to eat. Write out a list of specific things/places you would like to see along the trip and together prioritize which attractions are a must. Being flexible will make for smooth sailing.

Agree to a few behavioral tradeoffs before you go, but just a few. You may be able to ignore your partner’s bad habits at home, but once confined to each other 24/7, those “annoying” habits will become much more noticeable. Whether it’s biting nails, cracking knuckles, or going overboard with ordering from the menu at dinner, offer something you’ll try to avoid in exchange for a habit of theirs. Keep it good-natured, and make sure this isn’t the first time you’ve discussed the habits!

Make sure you’re getting enough nourishment and sleep. Pack snacks, try to plan for around 8 hours of sleep, and don’t skip meals. After a long day of traveling or exploring, hunger and exhaustion can—and will—lead to irritability.

Plan your travel with a little buffer time. Rushing can only lead to one thing: stress. And we all know stress causes tension. Give yourself plenty of time to make that connection, catch your train, or return the rental car. Giving yourself this buffer will ease the pressures of the trip and allow you to focus on each other in a positive way.

Make sure you have plenty of available funds. Always round your numbers up when planning expenses for your meals, transportation, hotel stays, and souvenir shopping, then pick an itinerary you can comfortably afford. Keep a credit card or cash stashed somewhere besides your purse or pocket for “just in case.” It’s always better to have too much than too little.

Don’t worry about splitting every penny. From daily meals and public transportation to your accommodations, your mutual travel expenses will all add up pretty quickly. Try to split the expenses one by one in a general way so as not to cause tension. Splitting every bill or nit-picking every expense will cause problems.

Take advantage of the perks of traveling with a partner! If it’s your honeymoon or anniversary, say so! You never know what freebies you’ll be offered—from a complimentary upgrade to a bottle of champagne. Also, try to do things that are better with two people, like dancing or even biking.

Now that you know what it takes to make a trip with your significant other more successful, it’s time for the fun part: deciding where to go! Over half (66%) of survey respondents prefer to alternate destinations based on each other’s interests, but what exactly is your interest? There are so many great trips for couples to take together, and all you need to do is figure out what kind of vacation style you’re looking for. Check out the next page for suggestions on where to travel.

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11 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for Traveling With Your Partner

  1. Some times traveling with partner is become a headache for
    us because it’s too difficult to mach the thinking of two persons. Specially
    when your partner never try to understand you. But you have make my job little
    bit easy by sharing these tips & tricks with us. I will definitely follow
    these when ever am getting a chance to travel with my partner.

  2. Your tips are really effective & helpful for us when we
    are planning to travel with partner because at that time we need more
    understanding & patience. Some times it’s too difficult to understand the
    thinking of others but if your are traveling together than try your best to
    make your partner happy.

  3. Nice post.Your tips & trips are really important to us.Sometimes its too difficult to travel with your partner because of your different tastes.Your post is very helpful for us to get a rid from fight when we are traveling with partners.

  4. Interesting post.I am glad I found this article because i am surfing for something like this.Your tips are really important.These tips are very helpful for many of us in making good understanding with their partners.

  5. Indeed. For couples, this is a great opportunity to do things together. Activities like dancing is a great form of communication that could help spice up the experience thanks to all that physical exertion.

  6. I am always travelling with a partner. At least a common friend or someone I can just grab and go with me out of the town or country.I guess I need to learn how to compromise. My partner always end up just agreeing with what I choose.

  7. ugh.. some tips are like slaps on my face. i always wanted to travel with a partner, at least with a friend or classmate from college. i find myself travelling alone so adventurous and i can do many things than going out with a partner. yet, i’d still love to go out of the country with someone. helpful tips.. :)

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