6 Best Websites for College Savings

Here are the top websites to help you plan for your child's college tuition costs.

from Condensed from Reader's Digest | December 2009

Feeling overwhelmed by the stress of planning for your kids’ college education? These sites can help:

See how graduates at various colleges fare on the job market (also available at payscale.com) and how much debt they have at graduation. Plus, try the “do it yourself” feature that lets you rank colleges based on your own criteria. Brilliant.

An all-purpose site for scholarship searches, financial aid planning, and comparing aid awards.

Forecast your chances of receiving financial aid. This is a preview or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that all aid applicants must file. A streamlined version of the form—with a few dozen of its 153 questions sliced off—is available here, though many private colleges require the even more extensive College Scholarship Service Profile form (profileonline.collegeboard.com).

Calculate your EFC—expected family contribution.

Find out which majors pay the highest starting salaries and where the top earners went to college.

The World’s Simplest College Cost Calculator spits out future costs and how much you’ll have to save based on your child’s age and college preferences.

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