6 Deals at the Dollar Store

You may think it’s filled with junk, but the dollar store could provide you with some great, cheap finds. Kiplinger.com shares six items you should consider purchasing for a single dollar.

1. Party supplies. Hosting a party? Plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and even party hats can all be found for just a dollar.

2. Cleaning supplies. You’re going to need to clean up after your party. Buy sponges, cleaning sprays, and dish detergent on the cheap.

3. Greeting cards. Buying a card from a specialty store can run you upwards of five dollars. Save money on the next birthday card you buy and put it towards the gift.

4. Seasonal items. Like to decorate your home for Halloween or Christmas? The dollar store always has a big selection of festive bargains.

5. Pregnancy test. Bet you weren’t expecting that one! Don’t worry, the 99 cent tests are 99 percent effective, just like the ones at the pharmacy.

6. Cooking accessories. Cheese graters, salt shakers, ice cream scoops, wine glasses, and more—any cooking supply at the dollar store is usually a good buy, except for knives, which may not be of high quality.

Find out what six items are not good deals at the dollar store.

Souce: Yahoo.com and Kiplinger.com

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