3 Ways to Find a Lost Cell Phone

Give St. Anthony a break. Here are handy ways to relocate a misplaced cell phone.

  from Reader's Digest | August 2009
Missing Cell Phone?©2009 Jupiterimages CorporationSo you've lost your phone ... you don't have to lose your mind, too!


  • 1.

    Call your own number.

    If you’re without a landline, try wheresmycellphone.com.

  • 2.

    Call customer service

    to suspend your account so that no one else can rack up minutes.

  • 3.

    Assess your risks.

    Did you use it to check e-mail, bank accounts, credit card activity? Did you save the passwords? “That means when your phone is found, others can access your accounts,” says Mark Rasch, cofounder of Secure IT Experts. Change all passwords at your computer, and report any fraudulent activity you spot.

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