Plan a Big Event from Your Laptop

Why hire a party planner or wedding coordinator when you can spend $75 to $200 for software and do it yourself? Here are just a few good packages.

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Party and event planners don’t tell people about event-planning software packages. That’s because many of them use such software themselves and fear that if the secret gets out, they’ll lose business.

Instead of hiring a party planner or wedding coordinator, you can spend the $75 to $200 for software and do it yourself. Here are just a few good packages:

  • Mountain Cow’s Printing Press. Printing Press is an invitation software package that helps you design and print perfect invitations or “save the date” cards. Features modern fonts and graphics. Available at
  • My Wedding Companion CD. The longest-selling wedding planning software on the market, My Wedding Companion organizes every aspect of your wedding, from the registry and seating chart to your honeymoon. Available from
  • B’nai Mitzvah. This bar and bat mitzvah planning software can also be used for planning other types of parties and events. Can be purchased at
  • Reunion Planner Software. Helps you organize a reunion celebration; keeps tabs on your budget, contact information, name tags, and seat assignments. Available at
  • The Ultimate Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide. Never be confused about wine again. This software has lists of the most popular white, red, and dessert wines, as well as classic food pairing matches for each. Available from

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