Best Ballpark

Pirates' PNC Park is tops with true baseball fans.

from Reader's Digest Magazine | May 2004

Wrigley Field promises old-fashioned good times. Camden Yards serves up Baltimore crab cakes, and Pacific Bell Park offers a stunning view of San Francisco Bay. But if you want it all — tradition, modern amenities and a sensational baseball experience — sportswriters and players alike rate the Pittsburgh Pirates’ PNC Park as No 1. Situated on the Allegheny River, this ballpark classic is accessible by riverboat on game days, or by foot across the Roberto Clemente Bridge from downtown. The highest seat is just 88 feet from the field, and as stadiums go, that’s practically intimate. There’s a natural grass surface, club seating at field level, an outfield barbecue, nd a river walk. Nothing but the finest for the fans who have enjoyed a 117-year relationship with their Pirates, unusual in the often mercenary world of major league sports.

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