Best Classic Motorcycle

Motorcycle or rolling piece of iconic art?

from Reader's Digest Magazine | May 2005

With swooping valanced fenders, fat tires and bristling chrome, the Indian Chief is practically a rolling piece of sculpture. It’s also perhaps the most recognizable, iconic American motorcycle of all time. The personalized color combinations made these bikes even more distinctive. Today, a ding-free Chief from the 1940s will set you back at least $20,000.

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    • Nantan Lupan

      For what a “counterfeit.” Indain cost’s one can buy a “New.” Norton Commando, so far advanced over any “retro.” that it would be my choice,all the old Indian riders are going to hate this, but Harley’s always got me home, “ride an Indian made of tin, ride it out but push it in. Last Indian I owned was in 1959, good riddance.

    • Nantan Lupan

      Indains where once good motorcyles but made some bad mistakes in the late 40′s early 50′s and lost the market, Harley dominated because thay never forgot their customer base, I’ve owned them both, would take a Harley anyday over any Indian ever built, style of the Chief was Art Deco, alright if you like it, but style isn’t enough, Indian is gone, let it die.