Best Fishing

The challenge of largemouth bass is a lure to the serious fisherman.

from Reader's Digest Magazine | May 2004

The fish: largemouth bass. Why? It’s about the challenge. At 17 pounds or more, these babies fight like hell. The place? We’ve got four:

  • Havre de Grace, Maryland, near Baltimore;
  • Northern California’s Sacramento River delta;
  • Santee Cooper lakes, South Carolina, west of Charleston;
  • Lake Guntersville, Alabama, not far from Gadsden.
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    • Melanie Daryl

      Hm, that might be a good challenge! The best type of fishing is often the one that requires a bit of work in order to nab the target. Of course, taste is an important factor as well. The success of catching a good fish is a great seasoning, especially if that catch of yours will be the dinner for that night!