How to Spot a Fake TripAdvisor Review

If you're planning a vacation be sure to check out hotel reviews on, but also know how to spot fake hotel reviews.

By Reader's Digest Editors

If you’re in the process of booking a vacation, chances are you’ve visited the site to determine where to stay, or more importantly, where not to stay. While travel sites like are of course helpful, users should be wary of fake reviews on the site. AOL Travel offers 10 ways users can spot a fake review,  The top three things to remember?

  1. If it sounds like a reviewer works at the hotel or has a vested interest, they probably do, and aren’t giving you the whole story.
  2. If a picture looks too good to be true, it probably is. Check out 10 Ways Hotels Use Promo Photos to Fake You Out.
  3. Read as many reviews as you can for each location, but then be sure to throw out the most enthusiastic and the meanest post as these may have been written by the hotel’s owners or by their competitors.

Check out AOL Travel’s other tips for spotting fake reviews.

Source: AOL Travel

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    • charlie

      now how is Reader digest not a fake also with their get you in for suppositely for a dpllar a month and then ask you for 15

    • Wamozzzy

      Be carfull out there with TripAdvsor

      I just have to let you all know that I have been in a hotel where Im sure that the owner himself put all the good reviews. 
      I have twice send emails and informed TripAdvisor about the problem, but they do not respond at all.
      I think it’s a very very big serious problem for such a large company, a company many people trust. After this experience I have totally given up on given them my reviews , as this is not seriously.

      • TruNYC

        I think that is pretty common. Hotel Barcelo in Santo Domingo posts a number if positive reviews by their staff.

    • Eastgeorgia

      Its all competetitors, disgruntled employees, and owners blowing their own horn. Believe it if you wish.

    • Eastgeorgia

      You cant tell whats fake and what isnt on TA. Its a scam.

    • Eastgeorgia

      You cant tell whats fake and what isnt on TA. Its a scam.

    • Anonymous

      Family friends, probably more interested in where to take the children, how to get and what the family can do around the hotel.