The Best, Worst, and Deadliest Roads in America: The Rankings

A special report on the nation’s highways.

from Reader's Digest | April 2010

How We Did the Rankings


Using the latest data from the Federal Highway Admin-istration, we factored in safety, congestion, and the condition of roads and bridges, ranking each state in each category. The average of the ranks was used to determine the final scores.

This is a simple ranking of fatalities per 100 million miles driven. Although Montana appears at No. 3 on the Best Roads list (good infrastructure, little congestion), it tops the Deadliest list in part because of drivers who drink, drive recklessly, or shun seat belts.
Edward A. Sylvestre of Quantitative Insights in Rochester, New York, supervised the calculations in consultation with David T. Hartgen, PhD, of the Reason Foundation, a public-policy think tank. Fran Lostys of Reader’s Digest coordinated the project.

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