Uncommon Sense: “Help! My boss is pushy and controlling!”

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By Jeanne Marie Laskas

My boss is pushy and controlling and often takes credit for my hard work. His poor management style is also stressing me out. I don’t want to just give up, and I can’t quit this job. What can I do to make it better?—Feeling Defeated


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    • BobTheDog

      Watch the movie “9 to 5″. Take notes.

    • Bella Ragazza

      I have found that people who are pushy and controlling are really insecure and afraid. They come across as bullies because they are acting out of fear. As my mom (may she rest in peace) always told us, “kill him with kindness” by engaging him instead of rejecting him. If you can work to make him look successful, it will help you and make you feel fabulous about yourself. If that still doesn’t work, then you either need to get a thicker skin or find another job.

    • axwiz

      the boss is the boss. you cannot confront him or you will be fired. you just have to deal with him/her. so, shut up & get back to work.

    • Tim K.

      I would suggest confronting your boss and telling him what he does that you don’t like, and also tell him exactly how you feel. I would also suggest telling him to talk to some of your co-workers, and have THEM tell him how THEY feel about him. Maybe if he sees how he truly makes you feel, he will improve.

    • Skye Blue

      Are there any workers who may have authority over your boss? If so, perhaps you can confide in them to let them know what’s going on. The worst that can happen is that you will be turned down. But, hey, you never know- if your boss really does have a poor management style,one last complaint might finally get him fired.

    • Loni W.

      A good boss will give his employees recognition for the ways
      that they have contributed to the company. This will boost morale and will make
      the employees more motivated to do good work. Perhaps you could tell him how
      you feel- that you would like to be recognized for the hard work that you’ve
      done. Tell him in a way that points out the way that this could benefit him and
      you will both win!

    • JB_of_OC

      A boss normally gets credit for the success of those people in his or her charge, you
      have to live with that part. Anything you do to attempt to make this situation
      better outside of asking for a transfer is likely to make the situation worse. The
      way you set this situation up, “I don’t want to just give up, and I can’t quit
      this job” says that you prefer to be a helpless victim with no way out. Of
      course there is a way out. Find another job. Yes, it’s a bad job market and
      it’s likely to be difficult but that’s what you have to do to improve your
      situation. Sooner or later you WILL do it. I suggest getting another job before
      you quit the one you have but it’s time to pull on your big boy or big girl
      pants and take care of business. In order to succeed you have to over come
      equating “difficult” with “impossible”.

    • Zachary Mc Mahon

      I would recommend going to corporate, But if you are in a Corporate position, take it one step closer. There is always a step above you. So take it to that step, and see where that ends up.

    • Florida Transplant

      I have had this problem MANY times in my past. What I did to remedy it, was to shine like a bright penny, learn their job and do it better than they do. I can bet, within 1 year, YOU”LL be the boss, cause I ALWAYS, was!

    • Michael D.

      Now that you’ve defined the word “boss”, what was the problem? Seriously, if your boss is taking credit for your ideas, the best advice I can offer is to present your ideas to others first. That way, his idea-stealing behavior will not go unnoticed by your peers. Another approach may be to informally run your ideas by his boss before you speak with your boss. Take care with this second method, as it could be construed as breaking the chain of command. Try not to concern yourself so much with his management style. Believe me, your not the only one who is aware of it, and, if it’s bad enough, it will be his undoing. Shake off the stress and keep doing your job at the best of your ability, and, ultimately, all will be well in the workplace.