What Does Your Town Need Most?

Find out how you can help secure financial and promotional support for your hometown!

What Does Your Town Need Most?

Nearly half of every city and town in America has participated in the We Hear You America campaign.

From the Road

Sunset Theater, Asheboro, NC

This Theater has great history dating back to 1929. The city purchased the facility in 2005 and committed to renovating and turning the theater back into a family, community driven, cultural establishment. The Reader’s Digest funds will help support the renovations in 2011 that include the lobby and concession area as well as new sound and lighting systems.

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    • Dhruvs

      what does a city need to function?

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    • Cornelius Lewis

      Ellijay. Georgia is a small town in a not to prosperous area. W need a new hospital the one we have now is to small and is not laid out in a good way. 
      Cormelius Lewis