25 Jobs in Demand Right Now

Check out 25 exciting jobs that are in high demand right now.

By Reader's Digest Editors

Occupational Therapist

Helping others learn to navigate their world both inside and outside the home are the key duties of an occupational therapist. People who suffer from temporary and permanent disabilities often seek the aid of an occupational therapist to learn how to perform daily functions in their home and in the workplace. Occupational therapists teach people to do a variety of things from dressing themselves to using a computer. Carrying advanced degrees and certificates in psychology or medicine, occupational therapists must be good communicators, whose patience and kindness help people live better lives.

Meeting Planner

Meeting planning is an exciting career that combines people skills with great organizational abilities. A meeting planner must think through all of the logistics of the event from the event space, to staffing, to catering, housing, audio/visual needs, and much more. Cool under pressure and highly organized, successful meeting planners usually earn advanced certifications to help their careers to boom in both the private and public sectors.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts help people invest their money with confidence. Often working in banks, investment firms, or insurance companies, financial analysts meet with clients and inform them of the types of investments available and the risks involved. Long hours and uncertain outcomes with the economy can be tough to overcome. Successful financial analysts are able to mix their math, computer, and problem-solving skills with people skills. A degree in finance, business administration, accounting, and statistics are needed for entry-level positions and advanced degrees are desirable for long-term success.

Technical Writer

Technical writers are the unsung heroes of assembly manuals around the world. These dedicated writers must take a difficult task – like programming a DVR or putting together kid’s toys — into easy-to-understand terms for the general public. Not only do they help with consumer products; technical writers also are employed in science, medicine, and technology fields to put complicated tasks into digestible language. Though no specialized degrees or certifications are required, technical writers must have impeccable writing and organizational skills.

HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians keep people cool in the summer and warm in the winter by making sure that heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation equipment is installed and works properly. With advanced machines and an on-going global effort to be environmentally friendly, HVAC technicians will find that the job is constantly challenging and evolving. Certification requirements can be earned in accredited trade and technical schools. A technical brain and an honest attitude ensure success in this needed occupation.

Lab Technician

Doctors and nurses rely on the data reported by lab technicians to understand and monitor a patient’s well-being. The work of lab technicians helps doctors make informed diagnoses and plan a course of treatment. Great organizational abilities and working well with a team are all important skills for success. In demand in the healthcare industry, entry into this field requires an associate’s degree or specialized certification in addition to on-the-job training.

Product Management Director

Product management directors work with their team and clients to ensure that deliverables meets client expectations. They also help manage client expectations and relate to both the client and their team in an effective manner. Product management directors must be good at managing others, organizing themselves, and have good communication skills. Often carrying Bachelor’s degrees (MBA preferred), their knowledge and understanding of the product and delivery schedules across various projects is key to success. Product management directors often work in the technology sector within large and start-up web and technology companies.

Project Engineer

Project engineers are responsible for the delivery of projects through effective planning, methods, and procedures that help deliver the project on time and on budget. Often project engineers must supervise field-testing of products while managing the workflow of other engineers and participants in the project. Project engineers can work across a variety of industries as their skills in analyzing data, budgeting, and management is in demand. A degree and advanced degrees in engineering and project management help this booming career become a lucrative and rewarding choice.

Web Developer

Responsible for creating and implementing websites across multiple industries, web developers must make sure that the website functions properly and seamlessly. Often needing skills like HTML, PHP, CSS, and the ability to design simple and advanced content management systems, web developers turn client’s dreams into reality. Web Developers usually have degrees in computer science and engineering, though some can make careers by simply using their innate technical and analytical skills. Web development is an evolving industry with consistent need and growth opportunities.

Special Education Teacher

The National Education Association estimates that today there is a greater need for special education teachers than for any other type of teacher. Special education teachers receive specialized training when earning their teacher certification. They help students with physical and mental disabilities learn effective ways to excel in school and beyond. Special education teachers must be patient, great communicators, and have the ability to adapt to different student needs.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are responsible for making patients comfortable, administering medication, recording patient progress, and assisting doctors in procedures and on-going patient care. Registered nurses must be registered through the state in which they practice and must have a degree in nursing. The profession is in high demand and many hospitals and healthcare facilities offer sign-on bonuses for nurses along with a good hourly wage and flexible working hours.

Court Reporter

Court reporters are needed not only in courts, but also across multiple legal and corporate industries. Reporters must have good listening and transcribing skills as their work is heavily relied upon to help solve cases and issues within important delegations. Though it varies by state, some courts require special certification for court reporters. Successful court reporters must have good concentration and communication skills. Certification can be in stenography (typing what you hear) and other specialties like speech recognition equipment, and computer software.

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