46 Tips to Help Improve Your Business

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27. Take care of your health. Schedule that physical exam you’ve been putting off and make sure you get exercise and take care of any personal issues that are troubling you.

28. Keep positive. Hold the big picture in your sights. What’s gloomy for one can be a gold mine for another.

29. Reinvent. Create new products or services—or reconfigure old ones. Implement solutions that are valuable to your key customers.

30. Don’t do it alone! Get support from family, friends, coaches, and fellow entrepreneurs.

31. Perform an assessment of the market conditions to find out how you match up to other companies like yours, get clear on your financial position.

32. Get input from your employees and customers or clients. They probably have a lot of ideas for how you could grow, and it might not have occurred to you to ask them.

33. Project a consistent polished professional image, in order to send the message to the world that the quality of your product and/or service.

34. Make a list with categories like, what must get done; would you like to get done, what can wait until another time.

35. Take a step back and learn how to delegate. A great mantra is, “Don’t just do it, delegate it!”

36. Develop a brand identity which will resonate with the customer and reflect the key aspects of the company, including not only its products, but its culture and goals.

37. Be a visionary. Picture what you would like your business to be like.

38. Be committed to excellence. There will always be bumps in the road. It is a part of life and it is a part of business. The true test is how you and your company deal with them.

39. Be innovative. Find innovative solutions to solve your problems. There are a million ways to grow your business. Find the smart, innovative ways that are best for you.

40. Embrace your mistakes and learn from them.

41. Realize that failures are merely steps in our progress. For example, Thomas Edison made over 10,000 light bulbs before he made one that actually worked.

42. Luck is the marriage of opportunity with preparedness. You obviously have the attitude part prepared—so the rest is actually doing the basic steps that lead to greatness.

43. Raise your prices. When pricing most business owners research their market, look at what their competition is charging and find a happy medium between them.

44. Find a target market that is willing to pay for premium prices. The luxury market is booming and every business should find a product to serve them.

45. Three ways to grow any business: Get more clients; sell existing clients more often; and sell existing clients more stuff.

46. Collaboration. Whether it is bartering or partnering with someone else, find the people who have what you need and is willing to collaborate with you. A true WIN/WIN situation can skyrocket a business!

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