7 Irritating Phrases to Avoid in Your E-mail

Stop the clichés!

from Reader's Digest | September 2010

Lifehacker.com asked readers which e-mail phrases they’d like to see banished—or at least improved. A selection:

1. “We need to …” “Translation: XYZ needs to be done, but … I’m not actually going to come out and directly tell any of you to do it.”

2. “Cheers”
— “especially when used outside British pubs or the U.K. in general.”

3. “Thanks in advance
“—”as opposed to thanks from the past?”

4. “Touch base.”

5. “Circle back.”

6. “To be honest.”

7. The worst: “Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.”
“I’ll print it if I need to, whether you nag me or not!”

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