You Know You’re an Internet Addict When…

Are you suffering from Internet addiction? Find out by taking a look at these questions.

By Reader's Digest Editors

Most of us are spending steadily increasing amounts of time glued to our computer screens, often to the detriment of our social and family lives.

Are you suffering from Internet addiction? Find out by taking a look at the questions below. If you answer “yes” to most of these questions, then you probably should reduce your Internet use. If you can’t cut down, check out the links at the end of this piece for information on treatments available for Internet addiction.

  • Do you often stay online longer than you intended?
  • Do you neglect household chores in order to spend more time online?
  • Do you prefer the thrill of the online world to intimacy with your partner?
  • Do people in your life complain about how much time you spend online?
  • Do your grades or your work suffer as a result of your time on the web?
  • Do you always check email or Facebook before settling down to the task at hand?
  • Does your job performance suffer as a result of time you spend on the Internet?
  • Are you defensive or secretive about the time you spend online?
  • Do you feel that without the Internet your life would be dreary and dull?
  • Do you get annoyed with people who interrupt your online time?
  • Do you lose sleep as a result of staying online too late?
  • Have you tried to reduce your time online and failed?
  • Do you choose to spend time online over spending time with friends or family?

For advice on treating Internet addiction: “How Do You Treat Internet Addiction?
Psych Central: “Internet Addiction Guide


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