5 True Twists You Didn’t See Coming from M. Night Shyamalan

The master storyteller shared some tales of his own.

By Brandon Specktor

4. At the end of the day, he only cares what 3 critics have to say

Critical opinions of Night’s films trend demonstrably downward since his early career, but the filmmaker’s emotional investment in each project remains consistent. Lady In The Water is a bedtime story he told his daughters. The Last Airbender came about after his youngest turned him onto one of her favorite cartoons, Avatar. And After Earth, ultimately a coming-of-age story, is also undeniably charged with love for his three daughters:

“My daughter is a teenager. I’m nervous about her going out in the world, and I’m giving every piece of philosophy to her I possibly can. I’ve experienced fame and failure, now she’s going to face those things. When my kids first saw After Earth, they broke down emotionally—in the best way. To some extent, the movie’s an ode to them. It’s me saying, ‘OK…I trust you.’”

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