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These Stunning Photos Capture the Beauty of Living on a Farm

Readers sent us almost 2,000 submissions, and picking the grand prize and category winners wasn’t easy. Here are those photos and the runners-up. Congratulations to the winners—and thanks to all who participated!

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Day at the Office

01-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Todd Klassy, Havre, Montana “I love the fact that this is a documentary photograph of American icons—cowboys. They are at work, focused on their job herding cattle on a ranch in Montana.”

Horsing Around

02-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Brent Young, Pleasant Grove, Utah “In this photo, taken in the West Desert region of Utah, a white stallion fends off the challenge of a big bachelor that would like to steal one of the stallion’s mares. I love to visit the mustangs.”

Field of Daydreams

03-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Angela Lenssen, Pullman, Washington “On a 95-degree day in August, I followed my husband and kids around with a camera. I took about 500 photos, and this was one of the last. I snapped it just as the sun set on a full day of harvesting wheat. There is my son, Grant, dreaming of being just like his dad.”

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Country Trail

04-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Justin Rogers, West Des Moines, Iowa “I experienced this foggy morning sunrise at Badger Creek State Recreation Area. Fog helps create mood in images, so it’s always fun to find subjects to photograph in it.”

A Farmer’s Life

05-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Dana Dusterhoft, Rocky Rapids, Alberta “Rain, snow, sleet or hail, the animals come first. That’s the reality of a farmer’s life. This photo is a true representation of my father the farmer—selfless, gentle and hardworking.”

Plucky Chicks

06-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Mark Sachs, Salem, Kentucky “What’s ours is ours, and what’s yours is ours. Chickens gotta relax, too.”

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Into the Woods

07-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Renee Lund, Red Lodge, Montana “Country roads lead to the best of nature. Whether we’re in search of a quiet place to think or the perfect place to hike, the countryside has it. This stream is a wonderful way to cool off on a hot summer day as the fresh mountain breeze dances through the trees. It’s the all-natural remedy for mind, body and soul.”

A Calf in the Cab

08-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Lorianne Ende, Rogers, Minnesota “We bought this Jersey calf in the winter. It was too cold to haul him in the back of the truck, so he got to ride in the front cab where it was nice and warm!”

Kindred Spirits

09-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Jackson Rudkin, Parma, Idaho “Our cat Fluffy seemed to enjoy snuggling up to my sister McKinley. They love each other like a mouse loves cheese. If it was up to them, they’d sleep, eat and drink together.”

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Photo Bomb

10-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Crystal Kupper, Eastampton, New Jersey “I was taking photos of my parents, Dale and Candi, in honor of their 42nd wedding anniversary. Just as I was about to take the photo, the neighbor’s cow wandered over and started snacking on the bouquet. I love the look of delight and surprise on my mom’s face. Dad doesn’t even realize what’s going on!”

The Northern Light Show

11-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Katherine Plessner, Verona, North Dakota “I noticed a bit of a glow in the sky one evening and went out to find the northern lights and the Milky Way lighting up the sky. After looking at my pictures, I saw a meteor in the photo. It was an exciting night!”

Little Farmers

12-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Nikki Mills, Little York, Illinois “This picture of my son and nephew is one of my favorites. It reminds me of two farmers catching up on the latest news and crop reports in the fields.”

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Little Buckaroo

13-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Todd Klassy, Havre, Montana “This young cowboy in training represents rural youth perfectly—hands-on, outdoors and utterly content.”

A Gentle Nudge

14-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Melanie Harvey, Elliston, Virginia “My husband, Larry, raised this cow from a calf. He bottle-fed it, and a friendship blossomed. I was passing the field one day and caught this moment.”

Carry a Big Stick

15-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Cathy Huffman, South Lake Tahoe, California “The simple things in life bring such joy. This is my beautiful dog Rusty playing in the fall leaves in upstate New York while we were on an RV trip across America.”

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Autumn Splendor

16-These-Photos-of-the-Country-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Move-to-a-FarmCountry Magazine Photo By Laurie Scaruffi, Baldwin City, Kansas “As I was driving through the country looking for fall color, I came across this barn. What a peaceful, serene moment.”

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