Adorable and Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

You'll be a real power pair this Halloween.

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Tooth and Tooth Fairy

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You want a costume that lets you dress up like a princess (hey, a wand never hurts either) and your beau loves giving people a good laugh. This clever pairing does the trick for you both—and you look so darn cute standing together! (Related: These charming vintage Halloween costumes will give you the warm fuzzies.)

Silent film stars

Courtesy Lindsay Ponta

Are you secret film buffs? Play it old-school with this classic costume idea. Get more details on the look at  

Superhero family

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Your kid wants to be a superhero; why not join in the fun with with this superhero family get-up? (Related: Have you read these silly, spooky Halloween books for kids?)

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Taco Belle

Courtesy Katie In Kansas

It might not be a costume as "old as time," but it's certainly one that the crowd can appreciate. Plus, it’s a win, win for you and your hubby, as you get to dress up as a Disney princess (don’t mind if you do!) and he gets to emulate the late-night food he’s probably going to wind up wanting before you head home.

Captain America and Black Widow

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Is there anything more romantic and adorable than your hubby dressing up as a superhero and you playing his beautiful, steamy love interest? We didn’t think so.

Comic book characters

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Looking for something cute, easy to identify, but not too hard on your budget or energy level? This costume only requires two things: Some artsy makeup and maybe a few YouTube tutorials to help you get it right! (Related: Master these easy Halloween makeup ideas before the big night.)

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Egyptian queen and her king

[email protected]_religion

One way to hit the streets in style? Dress up like a king and queen or, better yet, one from the Egyptian times when nearly all attire was made from gold! You and your beau will certainly feel like the King and Queen of the night.

Mario & Luigi

[email protected]_tieng

Not only is dressing up like everyone’s favorite Nintendo-game characters totally adorable, but it takes little-to-no prep! Just dig up green and red shirts, a pair of suspenders and red and green hats. Don’t forget to write the big “M” and “L” on the front!

Rick and Carl from 'The Walking Dead'

[email protected]_bee

If gruesome is your thing, you can't get much better than the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse with this Walking Dead-inspired costume.

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Pokemon Go

Courtesy FestFashions

Nothing screams 2016 more than the rise of Pokemon Go. And while you and your spouse might aggravate a few party-goers who just don’t get it, you can create a fun game out of who can catch you both!

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