The 15 Happiest States in America—Ranked

Feeling cheery? It may be because of where you live. Check to see if your state made the list of happiest states in the country.

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01-hawaii-happiest-states-280837100-RomasetRomaset/shutterstockHawaiians earned the title of the happiest state in the U.S. for the sixth time in eight years, according to a 2016 Gallup poll. The pollsters interviewed more than 177,000 U.S. adults across all 50 states, ranking state residents' happiness according to metrics such as personal purpose, community pride, and social, financial, and physical well-being. Hawaii residents lead the nation in three of the five categories: managing their economic lives, maintaining good health, and liking where they live. The Hawaiian language itself my contribute to their state of zen.

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02-alaska-happiest-states-264867236-Sorin-ColacSorin Colac/shutterstock For the third year in a row, Alaska ranked among the top two well-being states in the country. Like Hawaii, Alaska also earned high honors in three of the five categories: financial, physical, and social well-being. Its best ranking? Social well-being! According to the poll, Alaskans feel that they have supportive relationships and love in their lives. Check out the secrets of the world's happiest families.

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South Dakota

03-south-dakota-happiest-states-382805443-Jess-KraftJess Kraft/shutterstock Very few people are more financially secure than those living in South Dakota. The state has consistently been ranked one of the happiest states in America, but this year, South Dakotans also topped the poll's list for financial well-being. Try these great personal finance resolutions for a worry-free fiscal year.

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04-maine-happiest-states-275254370-DonLandDonLand/shutterstock A little ice and snow won't stop the people of Maine, who live in one of the best states for physical well-being. Residents not only tend to exercise more and eat healthier foods, but they also consume less alcohol, drugs, and tobacco than the rest of the nation. These are the best healthy-eating tips of all time.

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05-colorado-happiest-states-194035661-Tom-TietzTom Tietz/shutterstockColorado finished in the Gallup poll's top 10 happiest states in the U.S. for the ninth straight year, joining Hawaii as the only two states to earn this distinction. Why? Coloradans are more in shape than most Americans, earning one of the top honors for physical well-being. These fresh takes on fitness for 2017 will keep your workout from getting boring.

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06-vermont-happiest-states-570367513-SNEHITSNEHIT/shutterstockCitizens of Vermont don't have to go far for a community that promotes active living. Their state ranked among the best for physical well-being, which means its residents are in good health and have enough energy to get things done day-to-day. Here are some unusual ways to be happy—right now!

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07-arizona-happiest-states-418500862-Serge-SkibaSerge Skiba/shutterstock Are you a go-getter and love your job? Then you might just be an Arizonan. Arizona scored among the highest in the "purpose well-being" category, which indicates that residents like what they do every day and feel motivated to achieve their goals. These are the astonishing facts you never knew about our 50 states.

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08-montana-happiest-states-141010831-SNEHITSNEHIT/shutterstockMontana is another consistent name from year-to-year on the list of happiest states. Residents in this Western state not only like where they live, but they also feel a strong sense of pride in their community. Montana is one destination for some of the country's most scenic road trips.

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09-minnesota-happiest-states-448023883-JB-ManningJB Manning/shutterstockAuthors of the Gallup poll say that because it has appeared on their list for several years in a row, Minnesota is among the states that have "set a standard for the rest of the states to follow" through its consistent dedication to residents' overall well-being. It does have some funny town names, though.

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10-texas-happiest-states-270799604-DonLandDonLand/shutterstockTexas nabbed the honor of one of the happiest states in the U.S. this year, making a much stronger showing than in previous years. Texans can probably thank their leaders for the boost; they have joined others in launching "Blue Zone Project Initiatives" in the state, which are designed to improve key aspects of well-being through projects like making healthy choices more accessible in restaurants and grocery stores.

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