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How to Get to Sesame Street

Two great Sesame Street sites for you and your kids.

By Jim Menick

Nobody needs to tell you that Sesame Street is both fun for kids and good for kids at the same time. What you may not know is that it is there at your fingertips—and your kids’ fingertips—whenever you want it. The internet is far from the best place to let kids play unattended, but there are sites where you can go with them and both have a good time. Like Sesame Street.

When you go to the site, or at least when I went, Cookie Monster was there to greet me. There was a bunch of content for today, plus archived content like games and videos that Cookie showed me how to access. You can personalize the site for your own kids. You can click on your favorite Muppet characters for videos in which they star.

This is a site kids can enjoy endlessly. If you want a different approach, you can just go to Sesame Street’s YouTube Channel, and check out what’s there. That’s where I got an embarrassed Seth Rogen, and where I found the one below with the two hipsters.

Sesame Street. You can’t go wrong.

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