Encyclopedia Farmica: Read This, Don't Step in That
Encyclopedia Farmica: Read This, Don’t Step in That

For a dose of delight in the closing days of summer, I recommend  Barynard Confidential: An A to… >>

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The Six Apps You Need This Election Season

With more Americans turning to mobile devices for political news, navigating the plethora of… >>

7 Websites For Book Lovers

This past weekend, friends and I had a long conversation about our latest and greatest reads. I… >>

RD's Best of America on Pinterest
Has Your Hometown Been Pinned?

Our Best of America Pinterest board began amidst the planning of our July/August We Hear You… >>

Life Found in Outer Space!

Potentially, that is. Gliese 581g orbits the star Gliese (Glee-zuh) and according to NASA, this… >>

Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan!
Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan!

alternate text here" width="200" height="150" />Even before he stepped into the election… >>

The Best Damn Book About Politics Ever
The Best Damn Book About Politics Ever

Every now and then a great writer finds his ideal subject. Herman Melville on whaling. F. Scott… >>

Top-Earning Authors? No Longer a Boys’ Club

I got into the wrong end of this business. Seriously. Publishing is made up of two groups, the… >>

I Stole This From You
I Stole This From You

Stealing is wrong. This I know. But sometimes we take things that do not belong to us. These items… >>

I'm Voting for Rutherford B. Hayes!
I’m Voting for Rutherford B. Hayes!

As some of you may know, there’s a presidential election coming up. But what if neither Barack… >>