The Year’s Best Science Fiction

The 2012 Hugo Awards were just announced at the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago. This… >>

Here's a Guaranteed Mood-Booster
Here’s a Guaranteed Mood-Booster

Our Beautiful World and Universe, a Facebook "community page about Mother Nature," never fails to… >>

“Call Me Pete” Just Wouldn’t Have Done the Job

I love the subject of character names. So much depends on what an author decides to call the people… >>

25 Secrets Your Congressperson Won't Tell You
25 Secrets Your Congressperson Won’t Tell You

From campaign contributions to the secrets behind lobbyists, we got the dirt on what Washington… >>

Leading Sacred Cows to Slaughter
Leading Sacred Cows to Slaughter

Fed up with the "all or nothing intransigence" that is paralyzing Washington, Fortune magazine… >>

How to Write a Book: The Painful (Funny) Truth

Nathan Bransford is an author as well as a former literary agent. Which means that he's been on… >>

Under $20 Guide: The Superman-Wonder Woman Lip-Lock
Under $20 Guide: The Superman-Wonder Woman Lip-Lock

As Entertainment Weekly first reported last week, Superman and Wonder Woman are set to bring new… >>

Encyclopedia Farmica: Read This, Don't Step in That
Encyclopedia Farmica: Read This, Don’t Step in That

For a dose of delight in the closing days of summer, I recommend  Barynard Confidential: An A to… >>

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The Six Apps You Need This Election Season

With more Americans turning to mobile devices for political news, navigating the plethora of… >>

7 Websites For Book Lovers

This past weekend, friends and I had a long conversation about our latest and greatest reads. I… >>