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The Year’s Best Science Fiction

By Jim Menick

The 2012 Hugo Awards were just announced at the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago. This list from Tor shows the winners and nominees.

Named for Hugo Gernsback, founder of the groundbreaking sci-fi magazine Amazing Stories, the Hugo could be thought of as a sort of Academy Award for science fiction.

A list like this is great for a sometime sci-fi reader like me. I don’t know best novel winner Jo Walton’s work, but I think I’ll have to correct that.

On the other hand, I’m blown away by almost everything Charlie Jane Anders writes online, so now I’ll have to check out her fiction as well. I have a soft spot in my heart for The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, having brought the first edition to the US in an earlier job, so it’s nice to see that it won (again). And I see that Neil Gaiman wrote an award-winning episode of Dr. Who. Does Gaiman ever take a day off? What doesn’t he write?

Congratulations to all!