You Be the Judge: The Nightmare Neighbor

In the four months after a loud tenant arrived, a neighbor sent 17 letters of complaint to the condo board, asking it to take action. The board did nothing. Should she be compensated for the disturbances? You be the judge.

By Robin Gerber
Also in Reader's Digest Magazine November 2007

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The Verdict:

Both the trial court and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal of Louisiana found that Myra Harris failed to make her case.

While she correctly stated that the condominium association had the right to enforce its rules, regulations and restrictions, and to impose fines for violations, both courts agreed that a right is not a duty.

The Louisiana Condominium Act, which lists the powers of an owners’ association, allows—but doesn’t require—condo associations to adopt restrictions on unit owners and to enforce them. Though Myra certainly had a problem and the condo board’s provisions clearly stated it could fine those who disturbed the peace, the board was not required by law to enforce the rules so that she could enjoy her property.

After the decision, Myra moved out and bought a house. She never wanted to deal with a condo board again.

Was justice served? Should the condo board be required to take action on behalf its tenants? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Your Comments

    • Anonymous

      If the condo doesn’t have to enforce its rules, and if no laws were broken, I’m afraid that there’s noting Myra can do. But if that’s not the case, action should be taken.

    • Pamela Ann Tracy

      This goes on all over the USA. Certain people, women living alone, are discriminated against. Landlords here have rented after they rented to me to young people who drink and illegal drug…the landlords play into the illegal drug users. Many of them. Landlords here waste more time and money and repairs renting to younger people than to senior women like myself who spent money on their residences, making the outdoors and indoors look nice and kept it nice. The cops and their criminal mediums moved in 20 something illegal drug users in next to me in two residences here. I had to keep calling the cops on four nights per week parties and illegal drugs on one…he finally started a fire with his friends on his side of our duplex…just what I had been afraid of…so he had to move. Then some other criminal who was an alcoholic and illegal drug user moved in next to me and his young 20 something women kept picking on me because he wanted his friend to move in next to him. I was looking for another place anyway…..I was not happy with my landlord moving someone new in next to me every six months, so I was looking for a place without a basement and without high gas and electric bills. I moved and then some granny neighbor let her illegal drug addict and dealer grandson move in next to me and so cops gave me local drug narcs telephone number and he asked me to get license plates for him…I did not know there was a bigger investigation going on in Montana to do with the Bakken gang drug dealers in North Dakota…however I was discriminated against by my neighbors who were afraid to call the police… I moved to senior housing and some cop/medium liar started lying about me here, and other things happened so I am filing a civil rights complaint against my town and certain two peoples and maybe a few more peoples. IT IS NOT EASY TO BE A YOUNGER SENIOR IN THIS WORLD. EVEN THE NSA SAYS WOMEN WHO LIVE ALONG ARE GAY ALTHOUGH A JOURNALIST HAS DEBUNKED THAT SAYING. OUR GOVERNMENT IS A BAD BUNCH OF CORPORATE CONTRACTORS AND BAD NSA AND THE NSA AND GOVT AND STATES AND CITIES ARE RUINING OUR YOUNGER PEOPLE…….THIS COUNTRY HAS A DEFINITE CLASS DISCRIMINATION ISSUE AND I AM TIRED OF IT. AFTER MOVING HERE BECAUSE I AM NOT THEIR PARTY GIRL LIKE THEY SAID….THEY HURT MY REPUTATION WITH THEIR DELUSIONAL COP CRAP LIES…THE ONLY THING NICE ABOUT LIVING HERE IS THAT IS IT FAR FROM MOST OF THE MADDING CROWDS…HOWEVER, THEY ARE NOW TRYING TO MOVE IN YOUNGER MORE WILD PEOPLE INTO THIS BUILDING ALSO…FORTUNATELY THERE ARE MANY HERE TO STAY LIKE MYSELF FOR A LONG TIME SO I AM DIGGING IN FOR MY PEACE AND SAFETY. IN MY LAST PLACE THE LOCAL DRUG TASK FORCE LEADER TOLD ME TO MAKE SURE I LOCKED MY DOOR WHEN THE ILLEGAL DRUGGIE NEXT DOOR AND HIS FRIENDS WERE THERE. AND THEN PEOPLE WONDER WHY WE DONT WANT TO RENT THEIR HOUSES OR DUPLEXES IN THE COMMUNITY.


    • jhg6

      Myra should have bought some ear plugs!

    • Sultry_Clue

      Yeah, good for Myra. I know owning a condo is probably a little easier than owning a house. But unless you’re prepared to put up with people living (and making noise) so close to you, you are better off buying a house.

    • Ted

      This is crazy.. If I were her, I would have also sued the owner of the condo who leased it to the woman making all the trouble as well as the woman herself. If you are going to sue, might as well name all the parties involved. The condo might not be responsible… but I would think somebody sure is. It sounds to me like the old bat is off her nut.

    • Sarah Cornelius

      I want to hear from the other side, this article is very one sided